Where The Grass Is Greener

WTGIG is a horse RPG set in a dying horse paradise. Illinca was a horse sanctuary, but it began to fall apart for unknown reasons. Why? Will they survive? Join now!
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 Welcome to Illinca!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Illinca!   Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:08 pm

Welcome to Illinca! A paradise designed just for horses; a place where equine can live in peace without humans or predators. It was created long ago, and many generations of Illinca horses have been born and died. The first horses to come to Illinca are long dead and their names long forgotten. Illinca means "one land" in Latin, as it is only one land for horses to live on. It consists of one enormous landscape for horses to live on, complete with grassy meadows and plenty of flowers and calm streams to drink from.

Throughout all of Illinca (much like the Stream) there is a winding path. It is called the Road. It, like the Stream, winds through all of the places in Illinca. Many horses make it their quest to follow the Road in a full circle. In order to do this, they will walk along the Road throughout all of Illinca, including the Black Forest and the Rightside Clearing. Many horses use the Road to travel from one place to another.

Most of Illinca is one wide open meadow for the horses to graze in. It is bright green, and the grass is always long and delicious. It is complete with low rolling hills and the occasional shade tree to nap under. Most of the horses are found here.

Surrounding the right side of the Meadow is a grass-filled forest, full of plenty of tall shade trees. There is lots of exploring to do in the forest, and it is where the adventurous horses go. It is beautiful and many horses take long, peaceful walks through the forest to clear their head or to get some much needed alone time away from the other horses. Some horses live in the forest, but most of them prefer only visiting here and living their lives out in the meadow. It's usually just called the Rightside Forest.

On the left side of the Meadow, there is still forest but it is very thick and usually quite dark to walk in. It is overgrown with tall pine trees. It is still a beautiful sight, but horses rarely walk all the way through it, save a few adventurous yearlings. It is usually called the Black Forest because it is so dark in there. Horses that have gone in say that it doesn't go very far until it reaches the brick wall. Many horses love to graze right by the Black Forest because it is beautiful and hidden.

Throughout all of Illinca there is a slow-moving, winding stream for the horses to drink from. It carries in a full-on circle throughout Illinca. It goes through the midle of the Meadow and winds past the Black Forest's tightly packed pine trees and makes its way into the Rightside Forest. Horses love to graze by the stream because the grass is especially yummy there and also there is water nearby for a quick drink. The stream is incredibly shallow, and horses are in no danger of drowning in it. Even young foals enjoy splashing around and playing in the Stream.

In the middle of the Rightside Forest there is an enormous clearing where many horses also live. The grass there is delicious, and it is a lot like a miniature Meadow. This is where most of the young horses live that have just barely been weaned from their mothers. They learn how to live on their own here. This place is most commonly called the Clearing or the Rightside Clearing. Gatherings take place here, although they happen rarely.

The Flower Circle is a sacred place to the horses and is located in the Rightside Clearing. This is specifically where gatherings take place. It has been there since the first horses arrived to Illinca. Young horses that are being weaned from their mothers are taken here and Set Free, as it is called, to live on their own. Very old horses also come here before they die to be blessed by the Healers. There are many other things that happen here at Flower Circle, as well.

In the middle of the Rightside Forest, right by the Clearing, there is a big lake just called the Lake. Here, horses can cool off and get plenty of water. It is a beautiful view, and many horses like taking the hike through the Rightside Forest just to come see it. Some foals swim in it but not many.

Near the Clearing in the Rightside Forest there is a beautiful hillside cover
Filed in yellow flowers. It is called Golden Field and it is utterly beautiful. There are still Rightside trees in Golden Field, but they are spread far apart so it is a lot like a clearing of it's own. Many horses like to come here to relax and soak up the beauty of Illinca. The yellow flowers are edible, but aren't very yummy, so few horses choose to eat them. This is where Healers live so that they can be near to the Hospital to take care of sick horses.

Where the Rightside Forest and the Black Forest connect is an area riddled with ferns. It is called Fern-Place. The bright green ferns are so high that they go above some small foals heads. They usually go up to adult horses bellies. They taste alright, but aren't to die for. Still, horses enjoy coming here to look at how amazing it is. It's a lot like Golden Field.

In Golden Field, right by the Meadow, there is a small little barn for the horses to sleep in. Sick horses stay here, so that they won't be in the scalding sun. It is called the Hospital, because that is it's main purpose. The lovely yellow flowers comfort ill horses, and the floral scent also brings them happiness. How it got there is unknown, but the horses never question it. This is where Healers go to care for diseased horses. It is stocked with healing herbs and medicines. This is also where foals are taught the arts of medicine if they wish to become a Healer.

Romance Ranch is a beautiful floral garden located in Rightside Forest, kind of by Fern-Place. It was designed just for horses to meet their perfect matches. Once a year, there is a gathering at Romance Ranch were single mares and stallions go to try and find mates. The gathering goes on for three whole days. Horses may stay the entire time, only part of the time, or they don't have to come at all. Romance Ranch is completely packed with horses during the gathering, but it really helps horses find mates. This love gathering is called the Romance Gathering. It is not mandatory. During other times of the year (when Romance Gathering is not going on), Romance Ranch is generally vacant and very few horses even pass by it.

The Apple Orchard is a small little field of apple trees nestled back behind the Rightside Forest and right by the Wall. It isn't very small, but the few apple trees that grow there produce enormous, juicy apples for the horses to enjoy. Many horses don't like taking the long walk from the Meadow to get to the Apple Orchard but it is definitely worth the hike. The horses that live in the Rightside Forest are lucky to live so close to such a delicacy. There are a few sweet-toothed horses who even live right in the Apple Orchard.

Surrounding all of Illinca is a tall, strong red brick wall. It is so high, that the tallest horse can't see over it in the shortest areas. It keeps all of the horses protected in Illinca. However, what lies beyond it is unknown to all. No-horse even has a guess. As mentioned before, the Wall varies in size around Illinca. The reason for this is also unknown. At it's shortest point (in the Meadow), it is still a high 15 feet. At it's highest point (the Black Forest), it is a staggering 42 feet high. Why? Nobody knows for sure.

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Welcome to Illinca!
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