Where The Grass Is Greener

WTGIG is a horse RPG set in a dying horse paradise. Illinca was a horse sanctuary, but it began to fall apart for unknown reasons. Why? Will they survive? Join now!
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 The Plot (and more about WTGIG)

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PostSubject: The Plot (and more about WTGIG)   Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:01 am

After you've read all about Illinca, it's time that you know what our main plot-line will be here at WTGIG. What makes this an interesting RPG? Well, for starters, you may have noticed some interesting things about Illinca if you read the thread Welcome to Illinca! If you have not, we suggest you do! It contains lots of vital information about WTGIG and will help you be a better role-player on here. Among the oddities, the main one is the Wall. The Wall is a brick wall that completely surrounds Illinca, keeping the horses safely inside forever. The Wall is strange enough by itself, but what's even weirder is that it varies in height around Illinca. It's shortest point is in the Meadow and is still a tall 15 feet high. It's tallest point is in the back of the Black Forest and reaches a gigantic 42 feet tall! Why? No-horse at Illinca knows. That is just one of the oddities going on around Illinca.

Now, for the main plot of WTGIG. Illinca is an unchangeable place. It is always healthy and full of food for the horses. Or so they thought. Illinca has begun to die. The Meadows, which are supposed to be forever green, are suddenly beginning to yellow and dry out. The Stream and the Lake are beginning to fill up with mud. The Black Forest is darker and more forbidding than ever, and it's darkness is beginning to take over the Rightside Forest. These things all seem small, but they will get much more horrible and fatal in the future of this Role-play. This has never before happened at Illinca. What is going on? Will the horses be able to figure it out before it's too late? Their sanctuary has suddenly turned into a prison.
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The Plot (and more about WTGIG)
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