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WTGIG is a horse RPG set in a dying horse paradise. Illinca was a horse sanctuary, but it began to fall apart for unknown reasons. Why? Will they survive? Join now!
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 Create Your Characters

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PostSubject: Create Your Characters   Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:33 am

Before you can role-play on WTGIG, you'll need to create your character. Where The Grass Is Greener is an equine (horse) RPG, so all characters made will need to be horses. Also remember that WTGIG is a REALISTIC role-play, meaning that we strive for realism and try to stay away from too much fantasy. Of course, horses that live in a mythical sanctuary is not very realistic, but we are trying to say that if they did, they would be living there much like they live in the wild in real life. This means NO unicorns, Pegasuses, magic horses, winged horses, pink/purple/green/etc. horses, and so on. Other than that, horses of all breeds, sizes, and natural coat colors will be allowed. You are allowed to create as many characters as wanted, but we advise no more than 4 because it can get a bit tricky to role-play more than 4 horses at the same time. Thank you!

Here is the sign-up form:

Appearance (URL please):

Here is an example of a good form.

Name: Jared
Gender: Stallion (male)
Age: 11 Years Old
Personality: Jared is kind and generous, but is easily annoyed. He likes spending time by himself, and rarely talks to other horses. When he does, he usually keeps the conversation short and sweet, and never tells his secrets. Very few horses are close friends with him, and that's the way he likes it. Because he is so non-talkative, he is a good horse to tell secrets to. He will never break a promise. Jared is probably one of the most honest and loyal horses you will ever meet, even if he is extremely quiet.
History: Jared was born and raised in Rightside Forest and spent much of his time nearby the Lake. He learned how to swim when he was just a foal and is one of the few horses at Illinca who actually enjoys water. He lives in the Meadow now, but takes trips up to the Lake often just so he can swim around in it and bring back his foalhood memories.
Crush/Mate/Foals: Merida/None/None
Likes/Dislikes: Water,running, and being by himself/ Other stallions, the hot sun, and thunderstorms.
Other: He is related to Jack and Pinecone.
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Create Your Characters
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